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Find bakery fats and oils as well as bakery product suppliers online in your area.

When buying fats and oils it is essential to buy trusted and quality products that will enhance your bakery products’ end result, therefore finding an online Bakery fats and oils specialist can make the selection process so much easier.

Bakery fats include the use of puff pastry margarines, creaming and multi-purpose margarines, speciality fats and shortenings. Bakery products such as pastry, margarines, speciality fats and shortenings are famous around the world.

Here are some of the different fats and oils suppliers available on Find a Provider:

  • Edible oils - can include oils derived from animal fat, but generally when one refers to edible oils, one usually means oils that are made by extracting the oil from certain plants.
  • Frying Mediums - food service industry as well as oils used in households.
  • Industrial Ingredients - premium sunflower, palm and coconut oils that are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.


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