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Security services are all over, there are literally thousands to choose from. How will you select a company that is not only professional but also delivers on their promise? In the South African market security services have to outdo their competitors all the time. The best way to start your search is by using an online service to find security companies with good references, and most importantly a company that will meet your individual needs.

Find a Provider have listed some security services available in order to make the selection process easier and also give you the information you will need to make an informative decision.

Aerial Photography is for home owners, realtors, investigators, engineers and other professionals. This service supply high resolution photographs of land or property for surveillance and investigation purposes.

Airport Transfer may not seem like a security service, but when it comes to transporting VIP’s, etc. security can play a big role in airport transfers. Making use of these services will ensure you are delivered privately, safely and in comfort.

Armed Response is a security service that most of us have either seen or know off especially when it comes to cash in transit vehicles. A professional security company that provide armed response services will make sure that they have reliable vehicles, their staff is professionally trained, and they have quality equipment.

Booms and Electric Fencing is most often seen at complexes and office parks. These types of security measures discourage intruders and provide you with control over who has access to your property.

Bodyguard Services is a service especially designed for VIP’s, heads of state or government, celebrities, business people and politicians.

CCTV (closed circuit television) will assist investigators and is the perfect crime combating system for the retail environment.

Guarding is a security service where by trained guards are placed at your property, business, etc.

Magtouch Baton Patrol isa security service that provides safety in your place of business with accurate magtouch systems and professional guards.

Medical Response – some security companies may offer this service and is indeed an outstanding service to have as your security company will be the first to know of any crisis situation and can then provide you with the best possible protection and medical assistance.

Stock Loss Prevention – Retail store, restuarants and warehouses need to secure their stock to prevent loss and theft. There are many devices and security meassures that can be put in place to aid retailers and other businesses from having their stock stolen or lost.

Other industries that can greatly benefit from security services include (but not limited to):

  • Construction and Manufacturing Facilities and Sites
  • Corporate Offices and Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Property and Private Estate Owners
  • Social Events
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships

D&K Management Consultants

We specialize in a vast range of private investigation services. These include undercover surveillance, theft, polygraphing, employee investigation, financial & fraud investigations, drug detection and much more. Our services are available to companies, firms, government organisations and individuals.

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D&K Bodyguard Protection Services

Do you need close protection, vip security, safe and secure chaffaur services? We are a leading provider of tourist security, Executive Bodyguard and VIP Protection Services in South Africa. Do you want to become a CPO (Close Protection Office). We offer specialized Bodyguard Training courses!

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Apache Security Services

Apache Security Services is South Africa's premier guarding services provider. Apache Security Services will assist you in finding a solution to your security requirements, whether it be guarding, CCTV, polygraphs or VIP protection.

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Stock Loss Prevention

Stock Loss Prevention Technology is a leading provider of security devices and meassures to aid retail stores and warhouses in security meassures to prevent stock loss.

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