Power Tools & Equipment

Power tools are tools that are actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than solely being used for manual labour used with hand tools. Power tools are used in industries such as construction, around the house and garden that usually include the following uses:

  • Drilling
  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Routing
  • Polishing
  • Heating

Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable (portable meaning hand-held). The advantageous for Portable power tools include mobility where as the advantageous of Stationary power tools however are in speed and accuracy.

Stationary power tools are for metal work and are usually referred to as machine tools. The term power tool is also sometimes used as a buzzword, meaning a technique for greatly simplifying a complex or difficult task.

Power tools are some of the best time saving equipment you can own.

Power Drill – a cordless power drills is something every household should have, simplifying common household tasks like tightening the screws in your cabinets, hardware, light sockets, etc; and any repair, renovation, hobby, or do-it-yourself projects. There are various different types of power drill available but a standard cordless power drill should be sufficient for any household tasks.

Reciprocating Saw – this saw includes a variety of saws that include the jigsaw and scroll saw, but generally refers to the power hand saw. Being the master of outdoor landscaping projects and disposal jobs it is perfect for all-purpose outdoor pruning, shaping, and cutting (e.g. tree branches) a reciprocating saw completes the outdoor tasks of homeowners with surprising ease and efficiency.

Circular Saw – a tool used for cutting wood, plastic and metal. Circular saws are incredibly lightweight, versatile, portable, and comfortable to use. These saws can go anywhere, and in one package and can do more than most saws on the market.

Miter Saw – a miter saw comes in handy when doing renovations and finishing woodwork projects to cut proper angles and mitered corners. Ideal for the quickest and most accurate cross cuts, every household should have a miter saw for the inevitable (both indoor and outdoor) remodeling and renovation projects.

Finishing Sander – used for polishing, shaping or smoothing wood and other surfaces including metal and plastic. This tool is indispensable when it comes to home or hobby projects that include projects such as refinishing, painting, and spackeling.

Outdoor power equipment can include tools such as lawnmowers, garden maintenance equipment, chainsaws, brush cutters, generators, high-pressure washers, water pumps and more.

Power Tool Categories

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